Hand Tools

Get All The Right Tools Ready
Before Making Fishing Lures By Hand

You must have the proper hand tools before you can make any kind of fishing lures. In fact, without the right tools you can't do a good job, and you'll soon become discouraged.

On the other hand, if you are equipped with the right tools you'll find making fishing lures easy and highly enjoyable. So the best procedure is to obtain as many of the necessary tools in advance before you start making your own lures.

Most anglers will already have some of the hand tools described in this section. The rest can be bought without too much of an investment, and the others can be acquired as the need arises for them.

Unless you want to make all the fishing lures in this web site, you won't need every single tool listed here. If you read the section on the particular lure or lures you want to make, you'll get a good idea of the hand tools you'll need.

Then make a list of the tools which will be needed to make those lures. Naturally, many of the same hand tools will be used for most of the fishing lures. But some lures will require special tools which must be bought or obtained.

The following lists some of the necessary equipment and hand tools which will ensure an enjoyable and easy lure making session:

  • Work bench,
  • Hammers,
  • Saws,
  • Drill,
  • Pliers,
  • Snips,
  • Hand files,
  • Screw drivers,
  • Soldering iron,
  • Punches, and
  • Lathe.

    Then there are various materials such as wood, metal, paints, lacquers, varnishes, hooks, screw eyes, wire, and other fishing lure parts which you will need. These will be described in the other sections in detail, as the need arises for them.

    They can usually be bought in hardware stores, fishing tackle stores, or mail-order houses. Mail-order houses often carry a large stock of fishing lure parts. Write for their catalogs to get descriptions of the lure parts with prices.

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