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About Make-Your-Own-Fishing-Lures.com - Created in 2004...

My name is Keith Lee from the sunny, tropical island of Singapore and I am the owner of this web site.

In case you're not up to speed with my country's location on the world map, it's situated in South-east Asia, lying between Malaysia and Indonesia. And just for good measure, its geographical coordinates are 1N16,103E51.

We have plenty of coastlines stretching for miles and miles...but wait a minute - being an island, we are surrounded by water!

This web site was created purely for financial reasons - to save money, the more the better.

When you've been fishing for a fair bit of time, I'm sure you understand the frustration and disappointment of reeling in the line but only to see that the fishing lure is gone. Another expensive lure lost to the waters again.

The pinch in the pocket feels more painful especially so if you're more than just a casual angler. So I started to find out if I could make fishing lures the do-it-yourself way.

Being a hands-on person who doesn't mind a bit of elbow grease once in a while, the task was an interesting challenge. I scoured and sieved through tonnes of public domain material.

I manage to discover more information about this topic and today I'm happy to share this material with all of you.

Although the lures presented in this web site may not look professionally perfect, but if they catch the fish you want, who cares? And you would have just saved yourself some money in the process as well.

But you could also use some imagination and creativity to improve on the lure designs here. Who knows, maybe your own improved versions are so good that you would want to set up a store and sell them by the dozen!

Speaking of which, I'd better go check if the paint has dried on my latest batch of lures. There is no winter in my country. Every day of every month is warm and sunny, save for the occasional rain.

So there is no off-season for fishing. We can fish almost every other day. Check out Last Minute Vacations and Travel Guide if you think of visiting us anytime soon.

One last note: I am confident this site has enough information for you to start working on your own fishing lures. I will be adding in brand new content pages and if you would like to be updated on my progress, please click on my feeds:

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And in case you'd like to feedback, comment, ask a question or make some suggestions to improve this site, please contact us using the form provided, even if just to say 'Hi'.

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