Punch Tools Are Useful
For Many Types Of Jobs

There are various punches, used for different purposes when making fishing lures. The most useful is the center punch (see illustration below - top) which is used to make a mark showing where to drill.

For drilling wood you can, of course, use an ordinary ice pick or awl to make a starting hole. But for metal you need the center punch which is struck with a hammer to make such an indentation. These punches come in various diameters and tapers, and two or three sizes will handle most jobs.

Punch Tools For Indentation Jobs

Another handy punch tool is a starting punch (see illustration above - bottom) which has a long gradual taper and a blunt point. This is used for clearing holes and can also be used to open the eyes on big hooks.

You should also possess at least one flat, cold chisel, which is used for cutting sheet metal, lead, tin, and other metals where other cutting tools cannot be used.

Finally, you'll need a sharp knife, single-edge razor blade, scissors, dividers, calipers, and a metal rule.

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