Sinkers Are Lost Often -
Make Lots Of Them
With Just One Mold

Fishing sinkers don't come under the heading of "lures" but since they are widely used and many anglers mold their own, they should be included in here.

Also, making them is similar in many ways to molding metal squids or jigs . By the nature of their use, they are lost even more often than most fishing lures so it really pays to make your own.

There are many types, such as the ball or round, bell or dipsey, bank, diamond, oval, flat, rectangular, pencil, and pyramid. These are illustrated below and will give you an idea of the many types used in freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing .


You don't need much equipment. A gas or electric stove is required to melt the lead or other metal, and a ladle to hold and pour the molten lead.

For making sinkers, especially the larger saltwater types, a big ladle is best. You also need lead. Scrap lead can usually be obtained from a junk dealer.

Alloys of lead and other metals can also be used although you usually get best results with pure lead. Finally to make the sinkers you need a mold of some sort.

These molds can be made of potato, wood, plaster or simply use a teaspoon. All the necessary materials and equipment are readily available. Depending on the rate of usage and type of material, some of these molds can last for a lifetime while others only a few times.

The quality will also depend on the type of molds used. If you are just starting out or testing a new lure design, using a cheaper potato mold may be good enough.

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