Metal And Wood Lathes

You'll find a metal or wood turning lathe invaluable for turning down wooden plugs if you really plan to go into making such lures seriously .

Of course, this is quite an investment, and unless you really plan to make many fishing plugs, it doesn't pay to buy one especially for this purpose. But if you already have an existing one you can use it for such work.

Somewhat less expensive but very handy is one of those hobby motorized tools which hold a large variety of small rotary tools.

It can be used for drilling, grinding, polishing, and carving. This tool is especially useful for finishing off metal molds.

When whittling or shaping wooden plugs or other lures by hand you find a set of wood carving tools very useful.

These have small chisel type blades which can be used to cut grooves, cups, holes, and similar markings. The gouges which are part of these tools are especially useful for this work.

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