Electric And Hand Drill

Some kind of drill is needed for drilling holes in wood and metal. If you have a home workshop with a drill press you can use it for most of the work to be done.

It is especially useful when drilling holes in metal. A portable electric drill (see illustration below) is also a big aid when drilling metal, especially if you have to drill many holes.

Drill - Portable And Electric

However, when making fishing lures most drilling is done in wood or softer metals such as brass and copper. Here an ordinary hand drill (see illustration below) will serve the purpose.

Hand Drill

Such a hand drill will usually take drills up to 1/4 in. in diameter. When buying a hand drill it's a good idea to get the best you can get. A cheap hand drill may not work properly or will soon break or wear out.

You also need a set of twist drills to use with an electric or hand drill. For the drill press or electric drill you will need a set of high-speed drills.

The high-speed drills can be used for fast drilling without losing their temper. For drilling wood or soft metals, carbon drills which are cheaper than high speed drills can be used.

You should get a complete set of drills up to about 1/4 in. in diameter. The smaller sizes are the ones you will use most often.

It's a good idea to buy two or three twist drills of the same size in the smaller sizes so that if you break one you'll have a spare.

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