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Make Your Own Fishing Lures

Discover how you can easily make your own inexpensive and high-quality fishing lures with complete illustrations of plugs, bugs, spoons, spinners, jigs, sinkers and leaders.

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Light Fishing Lures - Create Tiny Lures For Heavy Fishing Tackles

Light fishing lures - Ultra-light fishing lures that attract fish.

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Fishing Reviews

Fishing reviews on products I have used.

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Fly Fishing Guide Book

My own review on the Fly Fishing Guide Book.

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Fish Bait Formulas

An independent review on Fish Bait Formulas.

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Casting Fishing Rod

My experience with Kistler's Helium LTA medium casting fishing rod.

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Fly Casting - How To Be A Lousy Fly Caster

A fly casting review page on How To Be A Lousy Fly Caster.

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Trout Fishing Secrets

Fishing review - Trout Fishing Secrets.

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Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets

This is an unbiased review on Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets.

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