Paint Your Own Spin
Bugs For Bass Fishing

Quick Tips On Painting Spin Bugs

Wood will require only two or three coats, but cork is more porous and rougher and may take more coats.

You can use any color combinations you want on bugs, but the most effective ones are usually black body and wings, brown body and wings, or yellow body and wings.

A bug with white body and white tail or wings is easily seen and is as good as any. When making the minnow-type silent spin bugs , use silver or gold paint on the sides of the body.

The frog-type can have a white or yellow belly and green back with black spots. You can also give spin bugs a fuzzy or hair finish on the body.

This is done by first painting the bug the color you want, then giving it a coat of clear cement or celluloid enamel. Then, while it is still wet, sprinkle with bits of hair, wool or floss.

These materials, of course, have to be prepared in advance by cutting or chopping up the hair, wool, or fur finely.

Still another finish on spin bugs can be obtained by using flitters. These are small metallic chips of gold or silver which can be scattered on the wet coat of cement or clear celluloid enamel of the bug body.

They are given a coat of clear lacquer afterwards, to prevent the metallic chips from tarnishing.

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