Make Your Own
Silent Spin Bugs
For Bass Fishing

Minnow Spin Bugs That Cut
Through The Water Silently

The construction and dimensions of this lure are shown below. The wood body should be about 1 1/2 in. long and 3/4 in. in diameter.

Silent Spin Bugs

The quick way to make this bug is to fasten a screw eye in the nose and another one at the tail, for free-swinging treble hook or a single hook. The treble will hook more fish, but the single hook will snag less in the weeds.

To give this bug a minnow appearance the hook should be wrapped with four or six rooster hackle feathers, long enough and wide enough to cover the treble (or single) hook.

When tying these feathers on the hook, wrap a few turns of the thread under them to make them splay out. In other words, try to make the hackles slant out away from the hook. This will give them a "breathing" action in the water.

If you want to, tie in another hackle feather near the hook eye, then wind it around the hook to form a collar of hackle.

To make a stronger bug of this type, run a wire through the wood body from nose to tail and form eyes at each end to take the line and the hook.

And, instead of using hackle feathers, tie some long bucktail hairs around the hook shank.

A somewhat heavier and larger type of spin bug can be made, as shown below. This is also a minnow type of lure since it is shaped more like a small fish than an insect.

Heavier Minnow Spin Bugs

However, if you want to do so, it can be dressed up with wings or other hair or feathers on the body, to resemble a very large bug.

The way it stands with a streamlined body and only a few feathers on the hook makes it an excellent casting lure when used with a spinning outfit.

The body can be about 2 1/2 in. long and 3/4 in. in diameter at the thickest part in the center. It tapers to a rounded nose and tail on both ends.

Small screw eyes can be used at the nose, under the belly and at the tail to hold the two treble hooks. The rear treble hook can be wound with short bucktail hair.

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