Make Your Own Small Frog Spin Bugs For Bass Fishing

Small Frogs Are A Favorite
Food Of Black Bass

The wood body should be 1 3/4 in. long and about 7/8 in. wide; in depth it can be about 5/8 in. thick.

Spin Bugs Resembling Small Frogs

The head is cut out, as shown in the side-view drawing above. To make this lure you need a regular length shank hook with a hump such as those used for tying cork bass bugs.

First, wrap the hook shank with fine fly tying thread, and then cut a slot in the belly of the wood body to accommodate the hook. Make sure that you cut a groove deep enough to take the hump of the hook.

The next step is to put some clear quick-drying cement both on the wrapped hook shank and inside the slot of the wood body.

You can use a thin knife blade to push this cement into the slot. Force the hook shank into the slot of the wood body andfix it in its permanent position.

When the cement dries, fill the slot with plastic wood. To finish off this bug, drill holes near the head to add a couple of short pinches of bucktail hair to simulate legs, and then drill two more holes near the tail and insert two longer pinches of bucktail to simulate legs.

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