Jig Paint

Paint Your Jig For
A Professional Look

To apply some jig paint to the jigs cast from pure tin or an alloy which is mostly tin is not necessary. The silvery appearance is attractive to many fishes.

However, if you cast your jigs from lead you'll have to paint them since the lead turns black and unattractive. You can use lacquer, enamel, or special paints such as the celluloid enamels.

If white bucktail, feathers, or nylon was used for the body you can paint the head white. If yellow was used you can paint the head yellow, and so on. Combinations of different colors can also be tried.

To finish off the jigs many anglers also paint on a pair of eyes. These are not necessary to catch fish but they do give the jigs a professional look. Paint the eyes with a small pointed brush or use the nail-dipping method described for painting freshwater plugs.

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