Make Your Own Freshwater Fishing Spoons

Fortunately, you don't have to go to the trouble of shaping your own freshwater fishing spoons or spend money for expensive dies.

Some of the mail-order houses carry spoons in various sizes, shapes, and weights. They are all complete with shiny gold, silver, brass, copper, chrome, or painted finishes and can be bought cheaply, especially in larger quantities.

You can buy a dozen of the spoons and the other parts, such as split rings and hooks, and then assemble the spoons. Split rings come in various sizes; the smaller ones are used for small spoons while the larger ones are needed for the bigger spoons.

They are usually made from spring steel or solid brass. The steel split rings are plated and are suitable for freshwater fishing spoons, but for saltwater fishing spoons the solid brass rings are much better.

Using Knife Blade To Open Split Ring

The illustration above shows how to use a knife blade to spread a split ring apart so that it can be forced into the hole on the spoon. Once you have the split ring started, just keep turning it until it snaps on completely.

You can put two split rings on most spoons, one in front for the fishing line and the other in the back, to which a treble hook is attached. The treble hook can be plain or it can be wound with bucktail hair.

Although spoons with metal finishes are the most popular you can paint them in various colors — such as all white, all yellow, or red and white stripes — if you want to do so.

Usually only the convex side is painted, the concave side retaining the metal silver or nickel finish. You can also paint or spray the convex side with a natural fish-scale finish.

For painting by hand with a brush, enamels are best. For spraying, use the quicker drying lacquers. Clear lacquer or varnish can also be sprayed on a metal finish to keep it from tarnishing.

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