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Swimming Plugs

The swimming plug can have a body about 6 1/2 in. long and a diameter of 1 1/4 in. at the head. It tapers at the tail to about 5/8 in. This plug has a metal lip of the type and size shown below, which can be cut from sheet brass or stainless steel.

Metal Lip For Swimming Plugs

If you use stainless steel, you can use a lighter gauge than if you use brass because it has more spring. The metal lip is bent and a hole is drilled as shown.

For this plug the through-wire construction as described for surf fishing is most practical to hold the metal lip and the three 5/0 treble hooks in place. The wire used for this construction is bent into a loop to form the eye in front of the lip and plug, as shown in the illustration.

To assemble this plug, first cut a slit at the head of the plug body to accept the metal lip, then drill a hole for the wire to run through the body. This hole is slightly off center at the head of the plug and through the center at the tail.

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