Splasher Rig

A splasher rig consists of a cylindrical section of wood which has an eye on each end. The fishing line is tied to one eye and a nylon monofilament leader about 2 ft. long is tied to the other eye.

On the end of this leader tie a small popping panfish bug, or a bass bug for freshwater fishing . Or, tie a small spoon, wet fly, or light jig to the leader, for fresh or saltwater fishing .

The idea here is to use the block of wood as a weight for casting out the smaller lure trailing behind. The wood section floats and, when jerked or trolled, creates a commotion which attracts fish.

The cylindrical section of wood can be made from any round wood such as a dowel, a broomstick, or a tool handle. The diameter and length will depend on the fishing tackle you will use to cast it.

The smaller diameter and shorter lengths are used for light freshwater tackle and the thicker diameters and longer wood sections are best for the heavier saltwater outfits.

For the smaller freshwater splasher rig you can use two screw eyes, one on each end for tying on the line and leader. But for the larger splashers used in saltwater fishing the through-wire construction used for surf fishing , with eyes formed at each end, is stronger.

This, of course, requires drilling a hole through the center for the wire.

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