Plastic Lure
(Bone Lure)

Trolling For Bluefish,
Dolphins And Tuna

To make the bone-type or plastic lure, buy white plastic tubing about 3/4 in. in diameter and cut it into lengths of about 3 or 4 in. long.

Then tie a hook on a wire leader and slip the plastic tube down on the wire until it rests against the curve of the hook. Although regular-shank hooks can be used, a long-shank hook is preferred.

Also, a hook with a small or needle eye is better than a hook with a big ringed eye. This plastic lure can be used "as is," but many anglers prefer to dip a short section of the head in red paint or lacquer.

Plastic tubing can also be obtained in yellow, red, light blue, green and other colors. Bone lures are usually trolled "as is" for such fish as bluefish, mackerel, bonito, albacore, dolphin, and small tuna.

When used for striped bass it's a good idea to add about two or three sandworms or bloodworms to the hook. A bone or plastic lure is shown in the illustration below.

Bone Or Plastic Lure

The plastic-tube lures are very durable except for the hook, which will rust when used in salt water. A new hook can easily be substituted for the old one if you find that it has rusted too much.

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