How To Load Lead
Weight To Cork Spin
Bugs For Bass Fishing

Lead Loaded Cork Bugs

To add lead weight to a cork spin bug, use a cork body shaped like a bottle stopper. In other words, don't round off the tail part but leave it flat like a cork bottle stopper.

Then cut a round piece from a sheet of lead to fit neatly at the tail end of the cork body. If you are using a single hook on your spin bug, cut a small slot in the lead so that the weight can be slipped over the hook.

Then drill a hole in the center of the round lead weight to accommodate a small screw. Now coat both the tail end of the cork body and the lead weight with cement and screw the lead piece in place on the cork. See below.

Lead Weight For Cork Spin Bugs

If you are making a spin bug with a treble hook instead of a single hook, you go through the same steps. Of course, you do not need a slot in the lead weight now—only a small hole in the center of the round lead.

You slip this lead onto the wire used in the "through-the-body" construction of this type of spin bug, then form a wire eye at the tail to take the hook.

You can also cement or glue the lead weight onto the cork body, but the wire eye will keep it in position.

When making a spin bug with a pointed or rounded tail, wait until the lure is finished with feathers or hair.

Then get some of the lead wire and wind it around the hook shank next to the cork body, or wind the lead wire around the cork body itself. See the above illustration.

In any of these operations, always make sure you do not add too much lead weight. Otherwise, the cork body will sit too low in the water or will be cocked at the wrong angle.

To finish off the cork spin bug, add hackle feathers at the tail and wings on the body, as described for the wood type popping bugs .

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