Make Your Own Cork Spin
Bugs For Bass Fishing

Spin Bugs Made From Cork

Hook Shank For Cork Spin Bugs

To make a cork spin bug you'll need long shank double-hump hooks, as shown above. Sizes 1/0 and 2/0 are best for spin bugs.

The hook shank is then wrapped with fine fly-tying thread along the section which will be buried in the cork body. This wrapping provides a better gripping surface than the smooth metal of the bare hook.

The next step is to cut a slot along the bottom of the cork lengthwise, to take the hook. This can be done with a single-edge razor blade, or you can use a small saw such as a hacksaw.

This slot should be just deep enough to bury the hook shank in the body. Another method often used is to cut out a triangular wedge along the bottom.

Whichever method you use, coat the wrapped hook shank with clear, waterproof cement and, if you have a slot in your cork body, also force some cement into it.

Some anglers prefer to use a waterproof marine glue such as the plastic resin type instead of the clear cement. Both are good, although the plastic resin glue is somewhat stronger and more permanent.

After the hook shank has been covered with cement and you have worked some of the cement into the cork body, force the hook into the slot.

Then wrap the cork body fairly tightly with some cord to press the slot together while the cement dries. If you cut a triangular wedge out of your cork body, coat your hook shank with cement or glue and push it in place, into the cork body.

Then add more cement or glue to the area which has been cut out and also to the wedge itself. Put the triangular wedge back in place and tie some cord around the cork body to hold it in place while drying.

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