Bucktail Lure

Tying Bucktail Hair To Jig Lures

Save money by buying a whole bucktail. The natural bucktail is white and brown. You can use the white hair both for freshwater and saltwater fishing jigs, and some of the brown for freshwater fishing jigs.

Yellow bucktail is also popular for all kinds of fishing, and many other colors are available. You can also buy the white bucktail and dye it yourself.

All-white and all-yellow fishing jigs are the most popular both for freshwater and especially for saltwater fishing, but when tying the jigs you can blend several colors to imitate freshwater minnows.

Bucktail hair can also be used to imitate the legs or wings of a bug or insect which has fallen into the water. Follow the steps as presented in the making of popping bugs for bass fishing.

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